Gabe Newell Could Kill You | But first he'd make you wait a long, long time. (Image via Reddit.)

This Could Be Your Last Chance to See Retro Game Master

Last year Kotaku readers were enthralled by the daring exploits of Shinya Arino as he desperately attempted to finish a dozen of the most brutal retro games Japan has to offer. More »

The Coy Sex and Extreme Violence of The Darkness II

The Darkness II is a video game about restrained sex and unrestrained violence.
It's the kind of a game that will show you, through a half-cracked door, the back of a fully-dressed woman giving a man oral sex but will let you stretch a man, supine, across the length of your TV... More »

This Gaymer's Follow-Up

As with the predecessor to this post, trigger warnings apply for homophobia and various attempts at internet bullying.
Before I published This Gaymer's Story, I'd never quite put out there the major instances of all the homophobia I have experienced. More »

Kotaku Commenters Do Not Suck

Here at Kotaku, we run all sorts of stories. Video game news and reviews, culture stories, stories about Japan, stories about the history of video games, funny posts about snack foods. More »

Chatroulette Kinect! and Four More Games That Will Never Be Made

In today's truly inspired edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter DunnCarnage shares with us five top secret video game concepts he might have completely made up. More »

Zombies, Muffins, Doodles, and Kangaroos? It Must Be The Week in Gaming Apps

We're finally back up to speed after last week's regrettable triple play, charging headfirst into 2012 with our mobile devices held up in front of our faces so we can't see a thing. More »

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