From what I've seen of Binary Domain, it looks rather vanilla, but it could be interesting. These live action promo spots? They're incredible.

In the above ad, a female office worker is getting chewed out by her boss. He leaves the meeting room, and to relieve her stress, she writes, "Department Manager, Die!" And she exits, saying, "Ah, much better."


Her co-worker, Assault-kun, goes over to erase what she wrote, discovering she wrote it in permanent ink. Assault-kun panics because he notices that the Department Manager left his handbook and flips over the whiteboard, only to reveal that the other side is covered in similar scrawl.

"The Department Manager is a creep!" reads one message in big letters. Assault-kun then turns out the lights, waiting in the dark with his red eyes glowing.

In the second ad, Assault-kun is having lunch with a co-worker, who keeps talking about girls. It's not as good as the above spot, but it's interesting—in my opinion, more so than the game itself.


In Binary Domain, robots and humans co-exist. There are some neat hooks, but the setting is dreary. It's the future. The characters are forgettable. You shot things. Blah, blah, blah. In these Binary Domain spots, you navigate the Japanese work world as a kind-hearted robot. Why didn't Sega make this into a game?

Binary Domain will be out this Feb. in Japan and this spring in the West.