Art Brut made the best song ever about not being able to achieve erection. "Rusted Guns of Milan" appears on their 2005 debut album Bang Bang Rock & Roll and its lyrics hit a sweet spot of not-that-it's -ever-happened-to-me. "I'm sorry/I'm so sorry/Can I get you a cup of coffee?" Indeed.

I've seen them live a few times and just when you think you're going to get a punchy set list of banged-out two-and-a-half minute tracks, the whole thing turns into a ragged sprawl. It's songs about drinking, partying and sex, yes, but a surprising core of poignancy shows up in a lot of their songs. (For those of you looking for a game connection, Art Brut's song "Direct Hit" got featured on the FIFA 08 soundtrack.)

"Emily Kane," for example, takes the first-love ode and gives it a nicely neurotic, possibly unhinged spin. Art Brut's songs sound like snotty-nosed prank-minded rock at first, but they're not afraid to be vulnerable underneath all the bluster.


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