3D | LOS ANGELES, CA: Models show off the 3DS at a recent auto show. (Photo: Kevork Djansezian | Getty)

Mario Creator Shigeru Miyamoto is Working on Something Brand New

Nintendo talisman Shigeru Miyamoto is a busy man! Not only does he help in an overseer's role on many of Nintendo's biggest games, but he's also revealed he's working on something new. More »

There's Nothing Like Vintage Sci-Fi Art to Liven up a Game Cover

Few things on this planet get me more excited than classic science fiction art. Wait, no. Quality classic science fiction art. Which means people like John Berkey, who is the man behind two of the best examples of sci-fi box art from the 1990s.
Berkey, who passed away in 2008, was a prolific... More »

The Country that Shutdown Xbox Live for Kids

Every night across the globe, kids log into Xbox Live and game online. They should be studying or sleeping, but they're gaming. Except in South Korea. More »

How Not To Leak a Sony Prototype Online

If you ever plan on uploading prototype pics onto the internet or sending Kotaku secret factory photos, there's one thing you must remember: modern day electronics have reflective surfaces. More »

Hot Nintendo Porn Action. Hide Your Kids. Hide Your Wife.

Shocking. Sick. Have you no shame, Dylan? There are children on the internet.
I'm sorry, followers [tmad40blue] More »

What's Missing from Car Games? The Nutty Drivers and Nuttier Cars.

Cars aren't just about the cars. They're about the colorful characters that buy them, customize them, and drive them.
This is something that beautiful driving simulators sometimes seem to forget, but something that hellaflush doesn't. More »

All This Week's Cosplay Needs is a Little Faith (and Halo, and Zelda, and...He-Man)

What are the odds. Not one person cosplaying as Litchi from BlazBlue, but two, in the one week. Also, apologies if anyone thought the headline meant we'd have little people Mirror's Edge cosplay. More »

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