Four games I've never heard of form a giant robot of borderline apathy in this week's exciting episode of the Nintendo Download.

Having done the Nintendo Download post for nearly five years now I've learned that sometimes Nintendo just has to throw some random crap out into the interwebs to make room for fresh new gaming goodness. This certainly feels like one of those weeks, featuring four games I'm not particularly excited about.


Samurai Sword Destiny for the 3DS at least looked sort of cool at first, but then I went and watched the trailer for it and the brief misguided murmur of excitement faded.

Hope is the only thing that keeps me going from week to week. Next Thursday we get Zen Pinball 3D. This week we suffer. This is simply the way of all things.

WiiWare (Wii)

Zombii Attack
Publisher: Motiviti
Price: 500 Wii Points

Zombii Attack is an arcade survival game. In an infected metropolitan city over-flowing with hungry zombies, you must stay alive armed with a only a giant slingshot and ammo such as anvils, tires, experimental highly-explosive z-bombs and even the undead themselves.


The action is fast paced and frantic. You must grab items quickly and slingshot them at zombies before they eat you using the Wii Remote in a realistic natural motion to load and fire.

Locate and destroy secret zombie hiding places in order to earn special weapons,ammo, armor and much more.

You launch, or you're lunch, it's up to you!

• 18 exciting fully destructible metropolitan levels
• Physics based arcade action with fully realized ragdoll physics
• 8 types of evil zombies, 8 exciting weapons, 1 mean slingshot
• The brilliant Dr. Zii - ... and YOU saving mankind!

eShop (3DS)

Samurai Sword Destiny
Publisher: UFO Interactive Games
Price: $5.99

Samurai Sword Destiny is a character action game that will challenge players of all levels. You control a deadly female samurai, Akane, with a single goal in mind: to find and bring her missing elder brother home. On Akane's quest, she will encounter deadly ambushes, invade enemy castle rooftops, and square off against seemingly indomitable opponents. With the help of dozens of upgrades available to enhance her fighting abilities, Akane just might have a fighting chance against the forces that stand in her path!

• Intense side-scrolling action
• Beautiful hand-drawn artwork
• Intuitive Controls: Stylus or Buttons

DSiWare (3DS/DSi)

Quick Fill Q
Publisher: Agetec
Price: $1.99 / 200 DSi Points

Q is a spherical creature who rolls on without stopping. However, holes appear in the way to try and stop Q's progress. Fill the holes using swift thinking and precise controls so Q can keep on rolling... Break blocks in the shape of various holes, so Q can roll safely over them. Depending on the difficulty level, the size of the holes will increase. When Q rolls past a certain distance, Q begins to speed up. When the game ends, the distance traveled by Q is recorded. The top five records for each difficulty level will be saved. Quick Fill Q is a non-stop, easy to learn puzzle game that provides hours of fun for the entire family…


• Various difficulty levels
• Increasing speed for skillful play
• High records saved

3 Heroes: Crystal Soul
Publisher: Circle Entertainment
Price: $4.99 / 500 DSi Points


Crystennia, is an ancient kingdom that uses Crystal Soul as its main energy source. The kingdom is facing the threat of monsters created by Rune Crystals. As the Crystal Champion, you must protect the kingdom by defeating monsters and collecting various kinds of natural energy released by them.

• Puzzle based gameplay featuring RPG elements
• Utilize your strategic skills to destroy bosses in battle
• Dominate each terrain with easy to learn controls