Cityscape | How I like to imagine Japan actually looked in the 1980s. Like a giant Famicom game. Via noirlac.

When Video Games Come to Life, Emilio Estevez Must Die

When it comes to old video game movies, you've probably seen, or at least heard of, stuff like The Last Starfighter. Or Joysticks. Or adaptations like Street Fighter, Double Dragon and Mortal Kombat.

You don't often hear people talking about The Bishop of Battle. More »

Major League Gaming Steps Up Fight Against SOPA

The dreaded, and ridiculous "Stop Online Piracy Act" has upset a lot of people, who in turn have spent a lot of time saying how upset they are. It's also upset a rather large gaming enterprise, who have put their money where their mouth is. More »

Who's Winning Old Republic's PvP War, Empire or Republic?

Seeing as Star Wars: Old Republic takes place within the confines of a massive galactic conflict, every Player vs Player encounter can be viewed as a small battle in one enormous war.
At this stage, then, who's winning?
According to BioWare the Empire is, having taken out 53% of the Alderaan Civil... More »

What If Skyward Sword Was a...Game Boy Color Game!

Let's imagine, for a moment, that 2011 Wii game The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword had been released a little earlier. Early enough to have wound up on the Game Boy Color.
Artist Constantin Georges provides the illustration of this fantasy, mocking up both box art and some impressive screenshots to... More »

The Head-Punching Game & Comic Art of Dave Wilkins

Dave Wilkins is a concept artist in the video game business. He's also an artist in the comics business. So if you see awesome art in this gallery about comic characters in video games, or video game characters with comic book characters, do not be alarmed.
What you'll see in the gallery above is a... More »

Somebody Built An Actual Minecraft Village, And It Is Amazing

Oh man. So, the tech that lets you print 3D recreations of in-game objects in Minecraft can be used for a lot more than objects. You can recreate entire villages using it. More »

Metroid Cosplay Based On Nerdy Metroid Cartoon

Early last year, artist Chris Furniss drew some cute Metroid cartoons, one of which had her giving a TED talk.
It was as cute as it was dorky, but not half as either as this cosplay picture taken by David Dorn, which recreates it in the real world.
Dorn did a few of Furniss' other pictures too,... More »

How a $21,000 Half-Life Gun Was Made

Harrison Krix's replica Half-Life 2 gravity gun looked incredible, but it was never destined for his shelf, or that of an international adult collectible retailer. More »

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