Joel, Stephen and Brian | As seen on GTTV, from the roof of Kotaku's NYC HQ.

Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO Log Part Three: Force-Feeding Myself Evil

It's too bad there's no option to just settle down and retire in BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic. After hours of questing amidst the tranquil sands of Tatooine, I'm ready for a lengthy break. More »

It's Not Star Wars Without Slavery, Torture, and Forced Voyeurism?

Meet Vette. She's the loyal Twi'lek companion character to my Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Warrior. Or at least she'd better be, if she knows what's good for her. More »

The Video Game Industry's Lobbyists Support SOPA, But They Understand Why You Might Not

The Entertainment Software Association, the video game trade group that puts on the huge E3 show each year and successfully defended video games' status as protected speech in the United States Supreme Court, supports the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT IP Act. More »


After writing 11,296 stories for Kotaku I find myself at a loss for words as I write this, my last for the site.
I leave both Kotaku and Gawker Media today after more than seven years of features and news, silliness and personal tragedy, contests, parties, reviews and redesigns. More »

Hello, I'm Kotaku's New Editor-in-Chief

I've been trying for a long time to get people to stop thinking that creating Hulk Hogan's reality show is the coolest item on my resume.
I think I've found a way.
Early last month, I accepted an offer from Nick Denton, head of our parent company, Gawker Media, to become Kotaku's editor-in-chief. More »

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