Face-Off | SOMEWHERE: Wonder what they're talking about. (Photo: Reader Moez)

...And China Rips-Off the PS Vita

Sony is making the PlayStation Vita at a Chinese factory. And, surprise, another Chinese company is releasing a new device that looks an awful lot like the Vita. More »

The Spike VGAs Red Carpet Had Celebrities, Developers (and Sometimes Both!)

Over the weekend, the Spike Video Game Awards were held. While you would have seen a few people get up on stage, there were a lot more people in attendance. More »

Diablo III, Cammy and Iron Man Walked Into a Bar...

You can tell there's a competition on at the moment for a Lilith look-a-like, because cosplaying circles are suddenly swamped with people dressed as the Borderlands star.
We're featuring two Liliths in this week's gallery, in fact. More »

Attack of the Assassin's Creed Clones

Look sir, an Assassin's Creed glitch! This was spawned during a mission in which you dress up to to kill a target.
"You are left exposed and in need of escape," YouTube user spoon01 wrote. More »

Metal Gear Rising Was Killed Off

For a spell there, Metal Gear: Rising fell off the map. That's probably because the game had been canned. Now, as evident in the game's latest trailer, Rising is back in a big way. More »

Young Idol Makes Out with Older Dude. Misses Gran Turismo 5 Event.

With over thirty members, you'd think it'd be no biggie if AKB48's 17-year-old Yumi Wakatsuki was M.I.A. Yet, this weekend when she didn't show at a Gran Turismo 5 event, people began wondering whether her absence wasn't merely because she was under the weather. More »

The "Spike Holiday Video Game Extravaganza" Might be a Better Name

"The Spike Video Game Awards are not everyone's ideal version of a video game award show, and complaining about them has become an annual event, like the show itself." Totilo wrote that over the weekend, and I agree 100%. More »

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