Get Item! | Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of The Legend of Zelda, accepts the Video Game Awards' inaugural hall of fame award on behalf of the game and Nintendo.

Surprise! That PS Vita Wasn't Lost at the VGAs After All

Yep, that DeadMau5 is a real funny fucker. To no one's surprise, the DJ revealed this afternoon he did not, in fact, lose an unreleased PlayStation Vita in a Los Angeles cab after his performance at last night's Spike Video Game Awards. More »

Mark Hamill, Tara Strong (aka The Joker and Harley Quinn) Both Miffed about the VGAs

The two lead voice actors from this year's Batman: Arkham City ripped the Spike Video Game Awards on Twitter last night. They both lost in their respective categories, but, they said, that's not why they'e complaining. More »

The 2011 VGAs: All the Videos, All the Games, All the Awards

The Spike Video Game Awards are an event that says more about the coming year than it does about the current one. Last night gave us more than a dozen trailers, half of which concerned games about which we knew nothing, or next to nothing, before Zachary Levi started handing out the hardware. As to that, there were plenty of strange scenes on the stage and in the crowd, from the puerile to the cringe-inducing to the bizarre. More »

Watch Metal Gear's Creator Break Down and Apologize a Lot

During the VGA Awards, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima took the stage and introduced the new trailer for Metal Gear: Rising. Things didn't go smoothly. At all. More »

BioWare's Next Game is Command & Conquer: Generals 2

Just announced at the Spike Video Game Awards, BioWare's next project is a Command & Conquer sequel entitled Command & Conquer: Generals 2 More »

A 'Big 64' of College Football Sounds Like a Nice Idea, Until You Try It in a Video Game

For the past two years, Stick Jockey has, at the end of the season, used EA Sports' NCAA Football to supply an alternate-reality simulation of a postseason involving a true college football playoff, one that invites every conference champion. I've become resigned to the utter fantasy of this idea ever happening in my lifetime. More »

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