This Sunday saw a whole host of cosplayers take the stage at club Nicofarre in Tokyo's Roppongi. There were dudes with big swords and one dude in a dangerous bikini. Yes, there are NSFW images in this post.

Hosted by Nico Nico Douga, the Tokyo Nico Nico Cospllection showcased cosplayers in Nicofarre's 360-degrees LED screens, which streamed real-time comments.

Cosplay blog Asagawo was on hand for the festivities, snapping photos.

Read here for more about Nicofarre and here for more about Nico Nico Douga. More photos in the links below, courtesy of Asagawo.

「TOKYO NICONICO COSPLLECTION」 -第1部-, -第2部-, -第3部-, -第4部-, -変態 HENTAI-, -第6部-

(Top photo: ごっづ | アサガヲBlog)