Hey, Stars Wars fans with too much money. Get a load of this. It's a Hot Toys Luke Skywalker figure. Of the badass, handless, Bespin variety. Just in time for the Christmas wish list of your dreams.

Really, I don't know where to start with this. It's a Hot Toys figure, so you know there's details galore (along with a terrifying likeness), but I think what I like best are the extras. You don't get one figure. You get two, in the one box.

One is Luke as he lands on Cloud City. All clean and fresh and ready to take on the whole Empire himself. The other? Luke after he goes toe to toe with his pops, featuring torn clothing, a pouty face and a shortened arm.


In addition to the figures, you also get a Cloud City playset/display stand thing, which is the antenna Luke winds up on after he falls down the waterless waterslide. Just in case you want to pose him hanging upside down. The Sideshow Collectibles version also includes a Luke-as-Darth Vader helmet.

All that amazingness comes at a price, though; the set is $300. It'll be available next year.

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