XI | TOKYO, JAPAN: The Tokyo Philharmonic plays music from Square Enix's online classic. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

Cosplay? Skyrim? Cosplaaaaayyyyyy!

The internet has heard my cries. Not seven days since I bemoaned the lack of quality males to feature in Fancy Pants, I'm happy to present a bunch of dudes who are killing it with their video game cosplay.
That's not to say this week's round-up is lacking in ladies, though, as they're also... More »

These Skyrim Launch Celebrities Had No Fucking Clue

Not all of them, but many of them were completely in the dark. Website GamerZone was on hand to talk to the celebs at the Skyrim launch and suss out who was there for Skyrim and who was simply...there. More »

Is This the Reason People Love Call of Duty?

You can thank/blame marketing and a Michael Bay-on-steroids storyline all you want, but there's a reason people come back to Call of Duty games year after year, and it has nothing to do with zombies or sideburns.
It has to do with how the game feels. More »

The Country That Loves PC Gaming So Damn Much

Just the mention of South Korea conjures up images of net cafes and online gaming. The country is one of online gaming's passionate players. Something that was proven once again over the weekend when Korea played host to G-Star, South Korea's biggest online gaming expo.
Do you like online gaming? More »

Is This Man the Star of Grand Theft Auto V?

While Rockstar has released almost no details concering the cast or characters of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, that's not stopping people from speculating. More »

When Pokémon and Magic Cards Went to War

They don't seem that similar aside from the fact they're printed on cards, and they were never really competition, either, but in October 2003 that didn't stop the companies behind Magic Cards and Pokémon battling somewhere other than the tabletop or the schoolyard.
This story begins in the late... More »

Get Unlimited Gold in Skyrim. Easy!

A glitch in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim apparently allows players to earn unlimited gold by picking up copies of The Doors of Oblivion over and over and over again. More »

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