No Rain | HONG KONG: Cosplayers gathered at the 2005 Hong Kong Comics Festival. (Photo: Kin Cheung | AP)

Capcom Wouldn't be Capcom Without Akiman's Amazing Art

Japanese artist Akira Yasuda, better known by his pen name Akiman, is a legend in the video game art world, being responsible for more classic images, posters, box covers and characters than we've got space to share.
So we'll keep things brief, and just focus on some of his more memorable... More »

Dudes, Your Girly Desktops and Walls Are Driving the Ladies Away

You might think those posters of big-eyed little anime girls are cute as a button. But according to FujiTV, nearly 80 percent of Japanese women polled give a big no thanks to dudes who cover their room with stuff like that. More »

First Image of Phoenix Wright, the Handsome Japanese Movie Star

Japan is making an Ace Attorney movie. Takashi Miike is directing, and actor Hiroki Narimiya is starring as Phoenix Wright. This is what he looks like as Phoenix Wright. More »

Can You Handle Zangief's Tiny Red Shorts?

Say hello to Mike Fass. You might be familiar with this guy if you watched Street Fighter: The Later Years or if you attended the Mr. Stonewall Bear Competition earlier this year. More »

How Nintendo Is Being Kicked When It's Down

In Japanese, it's called "endaka" (円高), or "high-valued yen". And it's wreaking havoc on so much of the country.
If you are living in Japan, getting paid in yen and then converting that into another currency, or if you are importing goods from outside the country, the strong yen is gravy. More »

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