Late night talk show host, funny man and all-around red head Conan O'Brien is returning to New York City with his show this week, but only for a week.

To celebrate, Conan brought his pop-up art exhibit to the city. The COCO MoCA (The New York Museum of Conan Art) will be housed on the second floor of the Time Warner Center through Nov. 3. I happened upon the art exhibit and it's fifty or so pieces of fan-created tributes yesterday while waiting for a Samsung press conference to kick off.


The exhibit includes audio voice tours by Conan and sidekick Andy Richter, a life-sized Conan made of pencils and a talking couch. There are also a couple of video game inspired pieces of art. The first thing that caught my eye was this image up top. The one showing what appears to be as pixelated Conan. A pixelated, long-armed Conan very reminiscent of beloved iPhone and iPad game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP's art style.

Was it created by Superbrothers? No, Craig D. Adams may have pushed pixilated art into a fun new direction, but he didn't invent it. Instead this is the work of someone we've featured on Kotaku before. Neat stuff.

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