I could have just said the three H's and every Kotaku reader would have understood, but sometimes we get outsiders checking these things out so we have to clarify. Where was I? Oh yes, Merry Christmas!

I was certainly not expecting to see Santa Claus popping up in our Gaming App of the Day so early, but then you never do see him coming. He has an excellent future in crime once the politically correct eliminate his holiday existence completely.

Of course Santa isn't the only fictional character in this week's lineup. We've also got Scribblenauts, hamsters, fuzzy blocks with eyes, and horrors from the depths of hell. You know, the usual.

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Can the Creepy, Crossbow-Wielding Dark Meadow Beat the iPhone's Greatest at Its Own Game?

At first glance Phosphor Games' The Dark Meadow looks like nothing more than a clone of award winning iPhone eye-candy Infinity Blade with a ranged weapon twist, but delve deeper into its madness and you'll discover a character the sword and sorcery epic lacked. More »

Santa's Village Is Ready to Ring in the Holidays

It's not yet Thanksgiving. Heck, Halloween is weeks away. Yet, select retailers in the U.S. are rolling out holiday decorations. More »

Scribblenauts, the Video Game that Seems Like a Magic Trick, is Pretty Good on iOS

The premise and the promise of Scribblenauts always was extraordinary: write any noun (concrete noun, no proper names) into the game and the virtual object it represents will appear. More »

Aiko Island is a Good Idea Whose Time has Already Come

What was in my gaming app hopper this week? I had a choice. Something that was either blatantly derivative of an iPhone hit, involving vegetable matter and Japanese assassins, and another that was at least a little more discreet in its promotional copy. More »

Destroying Earth's Cities With a Giant Hamster Ball? Why Not?

It's a marble rolling game with a frightening furry twist, as giant space hamsters descend upon the cities of Earth and crush their puny buildings into dust with their balls. Now I'm imagining a much more interesting game. More »