Tired of having sand kicked in your face? Then Ubisoft's Self-Defense Training Camp is for you. Get in shape, gain self-confidence, and learn what to do when a game trailer comes at you with a generic version of "Feel Good, Inc."

No one wants to admit they are vulnerable, so the idea of a self-defense course you take at home opposed to a more public one with real people is actually a pretty good idea. Self-Defense Training Camp walks players through getting out of sticky situations, helping them get shaped up with a series of lessons based on kickboxing and martial arts. There are even meditation lessons geared at helping folks stay calm in stressful situations.


All of this is taught by a real-life self-defense instructor. I might make fun of her music, but it's likely the Gorillaz were just too intimidated to approach her with their permission to use the real song.

Self-Defense Training Camp for Kinect hits the Xbox 360 on November 8. Hopefully the 360 will know how to hit back.

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