Pink | CHIBA, JAPAN - At TGS 2011, Haruna Anno had her own booth, which Kotaku didn't get to visit. Sadly. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

RAGE Has Been a Long, Long Time Coming

It's not every day you get to play a new id game. If you're not counting iPhone games (and we're not counting iPhone games) or re-releases, the last new title the studio released was Doom 3. More »


A Japanese Schoolgirl Finally Rides with Kamen Rider

Ever since Kamen Rider first fired up his motorcycle over forty years ago and kicked evil Shocker ass, one thing has been missing: a pleated-skirt and sailor-suit-wearing rider. More »


Xbox Live Brought Down by "Human Error"

Earlier this morning, at around 9am Pacific, Xbox Live went down for a little while. What's interesting is not the downtime itself (it was brief), but the cause: More »


Should You Buy Rage? Yes.

id Software's Rage is out there ready to be purchased, or rented, and played. But should you invest the time and money? Here's Kotaku's Gut Check:
Evan Narcisse: More »


Brighten Up Your Morning With This Brilliant Tron Art

The latest Tron movie was a funny thing. And the game was just as funny as the movie. Forgettable content, but with art design just gorgeous to look at. More »


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