The Sith's Gonna Do It Again | Graffiti spied on a utility pole on the Eugene, Ore. side of the Knickerbocker Bridge.

Vote on Sunday Comics' Newest Strip

Last week we took nominations for a new feature to take Rooster Teeth's place in Sunday Comics. After reading through all of your suggestions, we've come up with a list of eight candidates for your vote. This is your decision. Please make it carefully. More »


Video of the New Xbox Dashboard Surfaces After Leak

A recent leak of the latest software development kit for Xbox 360 included the new Xbox Live dashboard, which rumor has it will be released on Nov. 15, and scuttlebutt has it some kind of cable TV service could arrive with it. This two minute video of the new dashboard does not show any streaming television, but it does give a good look at how complete Kinect integration works. More »


Origin Account Bans Threatened for Playing on Modded Battlefield 3 Beta Servers

The server files for the Battlefield 3 beta have leaked out. So some servers have appeared with alterations to the game. That includes hosting more than 100 players on Operation Metro, which is capped at 32. In response, DICE put up a notice that participating on these servers could result in a series of unfortunate events that get you banned from Origin. Banned from Origin = lose access to all your games on Origin. More »


Frustrated Battlefield Rep Unloads on Ungrateful Community

About a week before the Battlefield 3 beta began, the game's community manager had decided he'd heard enough shrill complaining about the fact that "Operation Metro" and not some other map would the only one playable. And so he went off. More »


2K Sports: Unfortunately No Longer DLC Virgins

This week, NBA 2K12 revealed that certain of its features—like playing online as one of the NBA's all-time greatest teams—would be available at an extra cost. And thus, 2K Sports became sports gaming's last major publisher to lose its DLC virginity. More »


Here's the 3DS Hacked and Running a 3DS Game

Pirates Concerned citizens who pirate back up their legitimately purchased and owned copies of 3DS games may be interested to know that "Crown3DS," a new flashcard developed in the middle of last month, is capable of running Splinter Cell 3D. More »


Swiss Officially Neutral on SHODAN vs. GLaDOS

Switzerland's public broadcasting company this week released an advertisement to tout the service's new iOS and Android apps. And, Swiss to the last, they declare their neutrality between those two platforms. They're also agnostic in the gamer bar argument of which is the baddest-assed AI, SHODAN from System Shock or GLaDOS from Portal. More »

It's Sunday. Tonight's comedy night. If anyone's in Eugene, Ore., I'll be at The Black Forest's showcase, beginning at 9 p.m. Get there early, the room will be destroyed after I go up. –Owen Good


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