The PC gaming accessories squad at Razer have teamed up with Hasbro to offer yet another bunch Transformers-branded items to beg my loved ones to get me for Christmas.

Sure I have at least five gaming mice sitting on my desk as I type this, but none of them are colored to match fictional transforming robots, nor do any other them carry faction symbols. To remedy this, I either need paint and more painting skill than I currently possess, or one of the new $59.99 Razer DeathAdder: Transformers: Dark of the Moon Collector's Edition gaming mice. I'll take Bumblebee or Optimus Prime, please.


And if I were in possession of a laptop that fit the up to 15 inches covered by the sexy Transformers: Dark of the Moon Collector's Edition Razer laptop case, then I would gladly let someone else spend $49.95 on one for me.

"Powerful technology in spectacularly designed hardware – that's what both the Transformers franchise and Razer have in common," said Joe Keane, VP Brand Licensing for the Americas, Hasbro. "And that's why this collaboration is something fans of the brand and gamers alike will seriously enjoy."

I'll take a pass on the mouse pad. Show me a G1 version and we'll talk.

All of these items are now available via the link below. Get them now, before you forget and move on without ever thinking about them again.

Razer's Transformers Line [Official Site]

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