Flying | JACKSONVILLE, FL - The Eagles relaxed in the stands in Feb. 2005 during the annual Media Day. (Photo: Shephan Savoia | AP)

Going to War Like Only Nintendo can

Even though Zelda has killing and even Mario has head-stomping, when you think about it, nearly all of Nintendo's first-party properties are harmless affairs. More »

How Japanese Cosplay Is Moving Closer to Porn

Its beginnings were humble. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, Japanese fans went to manga and anime conventions dressed as their favorite characters. More »

Subtle Branding, Sensory Overload; This is What I Want in Modern Warfare 3 Earbuds

I'm not the sort of gamer who likes to wear his playing predilections on his sleeve. When I wear or use something game-branded, I prefer the enigmatic over the brazen. More »

The Dark, Moody Metal Gear Art of Ashley Wood

If you like Metal Gear, chances are you've heard the name Ashley Wood before. While these days the Australian artist is kept busy with things like comics, art books, toys, TV and movies, he's also had a long-running and very successful stint as an artist for Konami's blockbuster stealth... More »

Being a Female Professional StarCraft Player Ain't Easy

It's hard. Just ask StarCraft II player Kim Shee-Yoon, aka "Eve".
StarCraft is huge in Korea. Pro gaming is big, too, but it's dominated by male players. More »

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