Flying | LOS ANGELES - At the 2000 E3, Sega held a rock climbing contest. (Photo: Access Communications, Vince Bucci | AP)

Baby's Anime Name Thrills Some. Baffles Others.

Names are important. You have them from the moment you are born until the day you die. That is, unless you change it to "Cary Grant" or "World B. Free" along the way. More »

Add a Mirror and Suddenly Video Game Covers are Ruined (or Improved!)

You might not know it, but the amount of work that goes into designing a video game cover is mind-boggling. Everything from the characters to the angles to the colours is considered, checked and focus-tested to within an inch of its life.
It's a lot of hard work! More »

Why Japanese Developers Should Have Played More PC Games

Gaming's reached a turning point. Western games have more realistic graphics and physics than Japanese games. This isn't good or bad. It's true.
There was a moment during the Tokyo Game Show, when I stood in line waiting to play the PS Vita. More »

It's Not Hard To Capture Japan's Imagination with a Single Cosplay

Meet Sunny Lin. The Macau-born sexy pin-up cosplayed as One Piece's Boa Hancock-something that quickly drew the attention of the Japanese internet. More »

More of Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Amazing Concept Art

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a game that's art direction was so memorable, and so well-loved, that I figured it was worth a second round of concept art. More »

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