The Tokyo Game Show didn't just give us a chance to check out nearly three dozen games, it also gave us our first look at what Sony says is the final design for their PS Vita.

The changes between those first images released of the Vita and these final ones are pretty subtle, but if you're into design or just have a bit of a crush on Sony's upcoming portable, here's a chance to pick them out.


I've included mostly-similar comparison shots of the original design images and the final designs for both the mostly identical 3GS and Wi-FI versions of the portable. Let me know if you spot any changes I missed.

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Original PS Vita Home screen

Final PS Vita's Home screen shows a crisper set of icons.

Original PS Vita front

Final PS Vita front

Original PS Vita underside

Final PS Vita underside. They've added a headphone icon next to the jack. It's hard to tell, but it looks like those twin thumbsticks might have been tweaked as well.

Original PS Vita left

Final PS Vita 3G left. This shot gives us a better look at one of those sticks. It's definitely different looking than the original version we saw.

Final PS Vita Wi-FI left

Original PS Vita right

Final PS Vita Right Here's a view from the other side. Again the thumbstick looks slightly different.

Original PS Vita top

Final PS Vita 3G top. Another look at those sticks, but also you can see they've added a PS Vita logo here.

Final PS Vita Wi-FI top

Original PS Vita back

Final PS Vita 3G back. It might just be the lighting, but those pads on the back to help with holding the device look slightly changed.

Final PS Vita Wi-FI back

Original PS Vita touch panel

Final PS Vita 3G touch panel. It looks like that touch surface has grown a bit. The camera looks a little different, but it's likely just the lighting.

Final PS Vita Wi-FI touch panel