Kacho! | LOS ANGELES - Fans met Arino in LA. Mike's picture ended up sideways in our mailbox. (Photo: Mike Eisenberg)

Monster Hunter, These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For

We're in the eye of the storm as far as cosplay goes for 2011. We've just come off a hectic past few weeks with Gamescom and PAX, and this coming weekend will see the Tokyo Game Show's annual delight of people dressed up as other people who don't really exist.
But for now? More »

The Original PlayStation Controllers Looked Stupid (Thank God for Evolution!)

There's a reason why the world has the PlayStation 1 controller it does. The reason is that the other PS1 controller prototypes were dumb-looking.
Previously, Kotaku's Total Recall featured the PlayStation 1 controller you never got to use. More »

Here It Is, the Steam Punk Fight Stick

Sam Kurd from B15SDM Designs didn't add a little steam punk to his custom fight stick, he added a lot.
Everything is crafted just for this custom piece, save for the Seimitsu buttons.
Seimitsu is a famed Japanese arcade button maker. More »

For This Idol, Life Sounds More Like Rhythm Hell

Famous since the age of twelve, sugary sweet idol Ai Kago grew up in the limelight. By the time she turned 18, that light had dimmed. During the past few weeks, Kago's been on television, first for Yakuza connections. More »

There Will be at Least Six Blizzard Releases In the Next Three Years

Up on stage at the Citi 2011 Technology Conference last week, Activision Blizzard COO Thomas Tippl told attendees that over the next three years there should be six "proven property" releases from Blizzard.
That doesn't mean six games. More »

Giant Plastic Alien Heads, Badass Fantasy Art & Video Games

Fans of classic rock and fantasy art will no doubt be familiar with the name Roger Dean. The British artist is as synonymous with 1970's prog rock (especially the band Yes) as epic guitar tracks, and his bold, unique art style means you've probably seen and remembered his work, even if you've never... More »

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