My Desk - I can't seem to find Alice's tiny little knife. She seems OK with that.

The Flex-Fire Is PlayStation Move Shooting, But with a Bender

We are about a year into hardcore shooter gaming played with the PlayStation Move-an experience that, from day one, is assumed to demand one play it with something that resembles a rifle, without ever asking if we really should.
This is partly because of how different turning, looking, and... More »

The iPhone Game You Can Only Play Once Gets a Sequel, Infinite Lives

Released earlier this year, One Single Life for the iPhone achieved a massive 2.6 million downloads based on one simple concept: When you die, you can't play it again. More »

The Helicopters, Bombers, and Gunships of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

It's Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Friday once again, and this week Project Aces gives us a detailed look at what we'll be flying when the fighter jets are grounded. More »

With The Coming Dashboard Update, Your Xbox Might Finally Replace Your Cable Box

I haven't had cable since I moved, and my Xbox 360 had a lot to do with that. Over the past few years, my Xbox 360 has become a bit of a "Netflix Box," and more often than not I'm using it to stream episodes of Twin Peaks and Star Trek: More »

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Holds Its Ground Against the Reviewing Hordes

Relic Entertainment has proven time and time again with its Dawn of War real-time strategy franchise that it has a deep respect for Warhammer: 40.000. More »

Watch the "Real" Angry Birds Fly At This Chinese Theme Park

Remember that bigger-than-life Angry Birds attraction in China we told you about? Here's a look at it in action. The attraction is located in an amusement park in China's Hunan Province. More »

A Kotaku 4-Player: Pre-Order In The Court!

Joel J.
Got an email from West and Zampella's PR firm talking about how they're getting ready to go to court against Activision. They sent a quote they said we could use:
"I'm really looking forward to having our day in Court", said Zampella. More »

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