Hey, you like guns? Then you should really be at Call of Duty XP this weekend. They got guns! Lots of 'em. They even have a FGM-148 Javelin and an alien head. Just head to "The Armory." Or take a journey with me through the magic of photo galleries!

The various arsenals of many Call of Duty games are represented at the XP expo's Armory, from Call of Duty: World At War to Modern Warfare 3. Men dressed as Vietcong, men dressed as Navy SEALs and men dressed as Makarov thinly populate the Armory, intimidating you with nasty looks and huge rifles. But it's all in good fun.

If you can't make it to Call of Duty XP this weekend and enjoy looking at firearms behind chainlink fences, get an eyeful in the gallery above.

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