Whenever a multiplayer game's map packs are revealed- and Call of Duty is often the worst offender in this regard - people on the internet wail and gnash their teeth. And rightly so, in many respects, since you're rarely getting much value for your dollar.

All that wailing counts for naught, though, because as far as Call of Duty is concerned, many of you went out and bought the damn packs anyway.


Activision revealed today that it's sold 18 million map packs for Call of Duty Black Ops. At $15 a pop, that's a lot of easy money for the publisher, so much so that as Gamasutra points out it means the average Black Ops player has spent $76 on the game since first picking it up.

OK, so maybe you didn't go out and buy them. Maybe your boss did, or your bro, or your bro's bro. Still. You want publishers to stop stumping you for a few maps, don't write angry messages anonymously on internet forums. Go tell your bro's bro's boss to stop buying map packs!

Activision Blizzard Reports Digital Sales Growth, 18M Black Ops Map Pack Sales [Gamasutra]

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