Eight-Year-Old Noah Solis was one of the stars of this year's EVO tournament in Las Vegas, managing to beat more than one opponent who was twice or even thrice his age. Now it's time for Noah to make bank.

Since his exploits at EVO he's been signed to a competitive gaming team called The Traveling Circus, and will also be getting his own clothing line. Not bad for a kid who is only eight years old.


"I went with TTC as my sponsor because they treat me good, they are nice people, they give me hope in my future, and they believe in my ability," the boy wonder told Game Informer. "I like their name. They are nice to me, and my dad is comfortable with their character and my brothers approve."

Eight-Year-Old Noah "The Prodigy" Solis Lands Sponsorship, Clothing Line [Game Informer, via 1UP]

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