EA execs talks smack about Activision's Call of Duty. Wants it to rot. Predicts it will collapse, and soon. Activision execs rolls their eyes at EA, sigh and suggest there's enough room for EA's Battlefield 3 and all the Call of Duty/Modern Warfares to co-exist.


In Germany at Gamescom today, Robert Bowling, creative strategist for Modern Warfare studio Infinity Ward (he works for Activision!) was playing Battlefield 3 today (!) with Daniel Matros, community manager for Battlefield 3 (he works for EA!).

The Modern Warfare guy said he had a great time playing Battlefield 3.

The proof is in the Tweets, all delivered today:

The players of our happy drama are: Modern Warfare's Robert Bowling (@fourzerotwo) and Battlefields Daniel Matros (@zh1nt0) and David Goldfarb (@locust9), the latter being the lead designer of Battlefield 3.

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