It was inadvertently games that bring to mind other games week here at Kotaku, featuring four mobile games reminiscent of past and present hits and one game about nuts.

We looked at a mix of Asteroids and Geometry Wars, what the free-running Mirror's Edge might have been on the iPhone, a robotic love affair that hearkens back to old school 2D platformers, and a manic mash-up of classic arcade titles we all know and love.

And yeah, the squirrel game. How Nuts! is that?

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Flick Rocket is a Daydream of Centipede Asteroid Invaders Command

In third grade, I would draw up notebook-paper hybrids of arcade games. Pac-Man would chase barrels with a hammer and Frogger shot at invaders from the highway. Flick Rocket, a hybridized, deeply nostalgic arcade shooter, strongly appeals to my inner eight-year-old game designer. More »

Climbing a Neverending Tree is as Tough as a Kick In the Nuts!

Nuts! could have been one of two games. It could have been a crass title in which you punch dudes in the crotch, or it could have been about squirrels literally collecting nuts. Sadly/fortunately, depending on your interest in the pummelling of the male crotch, this one's about the latter. More »

Requiem For An iPhone Game

Free running through a dream, leaping over crates, running along walls, dashing through gaps, Requiem is a slightly marred look at what Mirror's Edge could have been on the iPhone. More »

In Bit Pilot, You Actually Are Going In To an Asteroid Field

Explore your passive side with Bit Pilot, an iOS game that looks a lot like a blend of Asteroids and Geometry Wars 2's Pacifist mode. Bit Pilot is an arcade shooter, minus the bullets, built on replayability and high score pursuits. More »

A Triumphant Tale of Skateboarding Skill and Mechanical Romance

It's been said that there's no force in the universe more powerful than the love of one robot for another, especially when said robot is in possession of a rocket-powered hoverboard. More »

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