Super Duper | OSAKA, JAPAN: Cosplayers promote Namco's idol simulator. (Photo: ファミ通)

Did This Man Deserve This? Japanese piracy law enforcement is tough. It doesn't matter whether that's the selling of customized figures or illegal uploading of games, the authorities are so not pussy footing around. Consider what happened to Takashi Matsuda.

There's a Half-Life On Viktor Antonov's Video Game Art Artist Viktor Antonov has worked on a number of high-profile projects over the years. He's recently published his own book, The Colony. He's helping on a live-action adaptation of classic manga (and anime film) Cobra. He also did some nice art for shelved (yet promising) multiplayer shooter The Crossing.

Now This Is the Female Shepard We Should Be Voting For I don't like the new female Commander Shepard. Mostly because it's stupid they're changing her in the first place, but also because in all options she looks like a 19 year-old who's angry the Ford Fiesta her parents bought her just got a parking ticket.

Summer Is When Cosplay Gets Skimpy It's hot and humid. Time to head to the beach, or don colorful costumes and hang out with nerds. Whichever!

Behold The Horror of Sony's PS3…Doll This is a doll. It's also the subject of a patent filing by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, which thinks it might be a good idea if the doll and your PS3 chat with each other.

It's going to be 103 degrees in Dallas. That's bananas! So so so hot. –Brian Ashcraft

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