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DeathSmiles Makes Me Smile

Cave's bullet hell shooters aren't exactly the types of games many players don't even like to play with control pads. So how's this iPhone version supposed to work?
Not too shabby, actually. More »

A Look at One of 2012's Most Promising Shooters

Plants Vs. Zombies, PixelJunk Monsters, Command & Conquer: A lot of video games come to mind when you first play Starhawk, none of them are shooters. But really, that's what this game is.
"We are definitely a shooter," said Sony Santa Monica senior producer Harvard Bonin. More »

Behold the Sleek and Sexy New Xbox 360 Bluetooth Headset and Media Remote

Last year Microsoft updated the white and clunky original Xbox 360 with the slim model, a slick black beast of a gaming console. Suddenly peripherals for the old system looked like ass in comparison. More »

Is the Pre-Rendered Cutscene a Gift or a Curse?

In today's episode of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Aikage laments the general lack of pre-rendered cutscenes in today's video games, a feature many were glad to see die out. More »

You Know What Kinectimals Needs? Bears

Kinect launch title Kinectimals was a fine showcase for Microsoft's motion-sensing technology, but it was all about cat. They should have just called it Kinecticats. More »

The Risk of Ignored Excellence Threatens the PlayStation Vita

It used to matter whether a portable video game machine could fit in your pocket. The Game Boy was a brick, but you could jam it in your jacket pocket. More »

And Yet it Moves and Four More Indie Games go Cheap for Charity

And Yet It Moves, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, Hammerfight and VVVVVV just went on sale...for however much you feel like paying.
Wolfire's Humble Indie Bundle is back with five more critically acclaimed indie games to draw out your inner philanthropist. More »

The GameStop Versus Best Buy Argument Ends With a Shocking Twist

When Kotaku editorial director Joel Johnson and east coast reporter Michael Fahey launch into an argument over which video game retailer offers the superior shopping experience, one withholds a terrible secret that renders the other's argument moot. More »

The Video Game That Wants to Invade Mexico

A video game built around an investigation into a series of brazen attacks by a Mexican drug cartel, which culminates in an attack on U.S. soil, may sound like a timely take on the escalating violence in United States' border towns.
But developer Techland continues to deny any connection between... More »

Where Are the 3DS Games?

If you go hunting for new 3DS games you don't have to worry about running out of bullets. This is one scarce safari.
A couple of weeks ago, after I noticed that the Nintendo 3DS had sold just 143,000 units in June, the month when its two big problems were fixed, my colleague in Japan noticed an... More »

Just How Popular is League of Legends?

As the first season of competition comes to a close, League of Legends developer Riot Games celebrates by dropping some incredibly impressive player statistics for the free-to-play online action strategy title enjoyed by more than 1.4 million players a day. More »

How Deepak Chopra's Kinect Game Works

How do you make an Xbox 360 game out of Deepak Chopra's spiritual beliefs and practices? You don't, not exactly. You make Leela which is half a collection of motion-controlled mini-games associated with different chakras—points of spiritual energy located in a person's body—and half a... More »

Tablet Games Trump Traditional Therapy in Treating Autism and Cerebral Palsy

For decades the traditional therapy for adults and children afflicted with autism and cerebral palsy have remained the same: repetitive activities aimed at hammering home the social and physical skills these disorders make difficult for those afflicted. More »

Get the Magic of Kotaku All Up In Your Social Media Magic Hole

Hey guys, we're dating now. I think that's what clicking a button on Facebook means, anyway.
So why don't we lock it down the way kids these days do and make it Facebook official by Liking Kotaku? More »

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