Sega's online action role-playing game Phantasy Star Online 2
is, currently, only confirmed for Japan and only for Windows PCs. And although we may have been burned by past Phantasy Star games, the next PSO has me extremely hopeful.

Sega recently showed off the latest from Phantasy Star Online 2 at an event in Japan, flooding us with new gameplay video and screen shots. The Phantasy Star Fan Blog has a handy rundown of the changes coming in PSO2, from multi-party areas (with up to twelve players) to jumping(!) to third-person shooter-style targeting.

The character creator looks robust and the action looks enjoyably action-oriented, so Phantasy Star Online 2 fills me with hope. There's a distinct lack of MAGs in the above gallery, but who knows what else Sega has in store for the game?

Check out a lot of new media in the gallery above.

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