Chas | NEW YORK, NY: Back in 2006, Charlie Murphy appeared at the PS3 launch at the Sony Style Store. (Photo: Brad Barket | Getty)

This Video Game Art Packs Twice the Infamy We featured the art of Bjorn Hurri (Total War, Steampunk Star Wars) only a few weeks ago here on Kotaku, but since then he's been given the all clear to release a ton of content from his most recent project, inFamous 2.

The Super Hard Gay Brothers Often, the cosplay we feature here on Kotaku skews towards exquisite costumes or pretty ladies. Because, well, that's what's generally the best we can find. Today, we're flipping the tea table. Trying something different.

It's Like a Silent Hill Game You Can Actually Experience It's summer. In Japan, that means beaches and snow cones. It also means having the shit scared out of you.

There Are Uncharted Action Figures (and One of Them Looks Awesome) Cast those shitty Uncharted toys from your mind. At Comic-Con, Sony will be showing off the real deal.

You Could Actually Download Atari 2600 Games (on an Atari 2600!) Xbox Live Arcade is credited with popularising the notion of downloading console video games. Other consoles, like the Genesis, offered them a lot earlier, albeit with limited success.

Spent much of the morning packing. This weekend, I'm going camping! I hated camping as a kid, hated it. But in the last few years, I've started to think it's pretty cool. –Brian Ashcraft

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