Sing It | LOS ANGELES, CA: Back in 2003, Jennifer Love Hewitt pitched a Konami game. (Photo: Frazer Harrison | Getty)

What's with All the Cancelled 3DS Games? Maybe it's bad timing or just bad luck. But there's a growing list of cancelled 3DS games. That's not good.

The Video Game Art of Christian Lorenz Scheurer You probably don't know him by name, but you'd know him by his work: Christian Lorenz Scheurer has provided concept art for movies like The Matrix, Titanic and The Fifth Element.

Legendary Japanese Club Reborn with Trolling If you were in Tokyo in the late 1990s and you liked to party, you went there. Towering over six floors and holding over 1,500 people, Velfarre was a legendary Roppongi club that claimed to be the biggest of its kind in Asia.

Well, the World of Warcraft/StarCraft Theme Park Actually Opened Joyland, a theme park in China built with massive (if unlicensed) tributes to the video games of Blizzard Entertainment, has actually opened its doors. People are going on the rides. And taking photos.

The Greatest Mario Rip-Off of Them All Like any other artistic medium, most video games "borrow" content and ideas from other titles. That's how inspiration works. There's a line between inspiration and copyright infringement, though, and in 1987 Time Warp Productions jumped over that line (then into a warp pipe).

A typhoon is hitting Osaka right now. Lots of wind! –Brian Ashcraft

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