Maybe you took a post-July 4th vacation and couldn't check your favorite Gawker Media sites all week. Or maybe you spent it doing nothing but working and you're catching up now. Well, whatever the case, we've got you covered. Here are some of the most amusing and entertaining videos we watched during the week that was.

Here's Video Of Prince William Playing Street Hockey Pretty Poorly

Will and Kate are touring that hockey-loving natural resources mine to our north—they might be in charge of it someday!—and their stop today brought them to Yellowknife. Anyway, the royals have become slightly more tolerable post-wedding, and we can almost delight in their good cheer here. Look at Prince William thwack that thing—he's game. Too bad Mr. Yellowknife stones him all three times. View »

Final Fantasy VII Stop Motion Is Eight Minutes of Holy Shit

YouTube user counter656 (aka John Huang) is quickly making a name for himself online with his stop motion videos. In the gallery, check out his Mega-Man and Gundam videos. View »

The Arizona Dust Storm Captured In Time-Lapse Video

Arizona was hit with a massive dust storm that turned day into night, halted flights and knocked out power to over 8,000 people. Those in the midst of this amazing storm fired up their cameras and began capturing video of the storm as it hit. Check out the footage above from Mike Olbinski and from Scott Wood below. View »

Nancy Grace on the Casey Anthony Verdict: 'The Devil Is Dancing Tonight'

Tonight on HLN, grief pornographer Nancy Grace opened her broadcast with a predictably angry statement about a Florida jury's decision to acquit Casey Anthony of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee. Grace called it a "stunning blow to justice" and said "the devil is dancing tonight." View »

World's Most Patient Cat Can Barely Contain Contempt For Baby

The "pissed off and fed up" body language of this cat is just about the funniest thing I've seen all day, because it about sums up how I feel when I'm around most babies. View »

This world speed record car went faster than a Space Shuttle

This heavily-modified street-legal Ford GT made history as the first car recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for standing-mile speed at 223 mph. Even cooler: they did it on the runway used for landing Space Shuttles. View »

Watch A Hockey Referee Materialize Out Of Thin Air

This is from the 2009 Western Conference finals, and we have no idea why it just showed up on YouTube yesterday. But watch at the 0:07 mark, when linesman Brad Lazarowich enters the picture, seemingly out of nowhere. We've watched this about a billion times, and we think we've figured it out: it's magic. View »

Possibly the Best Salvia Freakout Yet

This video really speaks for itself. These were good, but this new one is something special. Two hits of salvia is one hit too many. Live and learn. View »

Grand Theft Auto IV Looks Amazing All Over Again

We've seen some nice mods for the PC versions of Grand Theft Auto games before, but boy, this new series of GTAIV tweaks take the cake. View »

Octomom And Brood Wreak Absolute Havoc On Live Television

Normally I'd not bat an eye at Nadya Suleman appearing on the Today Show, but this morning's segment was so positively insane that it really is worth noting. The entire segment went on for nine batshit minutes, but the appearance was so insane that it's worth watching in its entirety. View »

The United States Is Like a Loud, Clique-y High School Lunchroom

When you think of a map of the US, you probably break it down by state or quadrants or party affiliation. But MIT, IBM and AT&T's research teams decided to look at who was talking to whom, and the resulting map is pretty captivating. View »

Spectator Causes Massive Crash at the Tour de France

The 2011 Tour de France got off on the wrong foot Saturday when a spectator leaned too far into the track, causing a massive pile-up that brought down dozens of racers. View »

Idiot flies through parking garage at 93 MPH

Watch this idiot drive a BRABUS McLaren SLR through a Paris parking garage at 93 MPH. View »

Here Are Four Ample Reasons To Root For Peru To Win Copa América

Meet Irina and Daysy. They very much would like to see Peru win the Copa America. So much so, in fact, that they intend to go sans ropas if Peru prevails. View »

TLC's Horrific Reenactment Of An Amniotic Sac Falling Out Of Woman

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant is always weird and gross, but on last night's episode, things got even weirder and grosser. One woman was having "stomach aches" when an entire un-ruptured amniotic sac "fell" out of her. TLC created a reenactment of the whole thing, making it just as traumatic for viewers as it was for the mother. View »

A Trippy Tour of Wichita's Abandoned Amusement Park

"No Joy," a short film by Mike Perry, was filmed at Joyland Amusement Park, which has been closed since 2004. While it doesn't have the pathos of the Six Flags New Orleans that we've grown so fond of, it still has the same nostalgic creepiness. View »

Minecraft Users Build Multi-level Replica of Penn Station

This time-lapse video shows you just how diligently an entire server's worth of Minecraft players worked for their art. After three days solid of non-stop building, this multi-level replica of New York's Penn station is truly impressive. View »

Seven Wonderful Minutes Of An Older Argentinian Man Yelling At His Soccer Match On TV

The situation was Argentina's most famous and successful team, River Plate, being relegated for the first time in their history. This "hombre pacífico" watched the whole painful thing, a 90-minute execution in the second leg of a home-and-home. His family was kind enough to film him. We especially enjoy the outburst at 2:45. View »

Watch a Viagra-raging State Rep fail a sobriety test

Attention public figures, like Ohio Rep. Robert Mecklenborg. Please make sure both your headlights are working before driving drunk and jacked up on Viagra with a possible 26-year-old stripper in the car, likely unbeknownst to your wife and three children. View »

Snooki Is Humping Potted Plants Now

Here's a video that TMZ obtained of a drunk-as-hell Snooki dancing with/humping a giant potted plant outside of a bar last Saturday in Seaside Heights, where she and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast are currently filming the show's fifth season. So yeah, do with it what you will, I guess? View »

Listen and Watch How the Sound Effects of Transformers 3 Were Made

Soundworks Collection has a great little feature on a very big movie called Transformers 3. Heard of it? Sure! In this video you get to see how the movie's sound effects were made using dry ice, electric guitars and more. View »

Watch Tim Pawlenty Awkwardly Discuss His Favorite Gaga Songs

Today in desperate pleas for relevance: Flailing presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty goes out of his way to talk about how much he loves Lady Gaga. View »

This Grenade Toss Is Unrealistic and Great

Namco's February 2012 game Inversion will let you raise and lower the gravity of enemies and objects, letting you toss them and crush them. I just wanted to show you that, thanks to all of that, you can throw grenades sideways in this game. Sideways. Watch the video: I explain it. It happens. View »

Gross Old Barbara Walters Obsessed With Gross Young Bristol Palin's Sex Life

Famous uterus Bristol Palin spent some time at Hell's nail salon, aka The View, this morning, and boy could Barbara Walters not stop filthy talking to the poor breed mare. View »

Casey Anthony Juror Politely Slams Nancy Grace

Juror #3 on the Casey Anthony trial spoke with Good Morning America earlier today to clarify headlines claiming she was "sick to her stomach" over the verdict. The juror, Jennifer Ford, expanded upon her earlier comments, and also took the opportunity to gracefully slam Nancy Grace. View »

World's fastest toy car could reach 200 MPH

It took Nic Case six months and upward of $4,000 to build the world's fastest radio-controlled car. The Schumacher Mi3's got a chassis of carbon fiber and an 11 hp motor pushing it to 161.76 mph. Next stop, 200 mph. View »

The Undefeated: Sarah Palin Will Destroy Us All

Here's a trailer for The Undefeated, the ironically named new "documentary" about Sarah Palin and her quest for world domination. The trailer is as exaggerated as Palin's talking points. Add in the fact that it's a piece of Palin-commissioned propaganda disguised as a political documentary, and the whole thing becomes even more ridiculous. View »