Meddling Kids | An apparition causes havoc by menacing two people in their kitchen. London Stereoscopic Company Comic Series - 13 circa 1865 (Photo by London Stereoscopic Company/Getty Images)

Tiny Ships, Tiny Aliens, Tiny Galaga 30th Collection

It's been nearly 30 years since Galaga stormed onto the arcade scene, delivering to fans of fixed shooters an arguably better version of Galaxian.
Galaga 30th Collection is a celebration of that upcoming anniversary, which hits on July 23, bringing a free version of Galaxian to iPhone owners and a... More »

Nintendo Nixes Future iPhone, Android Games Despite Pokemon Title

The decision to bring a Pokemon game to the iPhone doesn't mean that Nintendo has softened its views on Apple's gaming phone.
Speaking with Bloomberg, a spokesman said that Nintendo's decision to only develop games for its own hardware "hasn't changed and won't change."
While Pokemon is typically... More »

Can CivWorld Save Facebook Gaming From Itself?

I'm not sure Facebook can handle CivWorld, the brand new version of Civilization that launches on America's favorite social network today.
I'm not sure if Facebook is ready for Civilization, though I hope it is. More »

The Secret World Reveals New England's Dirty Little Secret

Funcom's upcoming supernatural MMO The Secret World reveals the dark truth New Englanders have tried in vain to hide behind their colorful leaves and inexpensive lobster dishes: More »

Drinking And Gaming Can Kill a High Score

In this alcohol-soaked edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Ducce wonders how many of you break out the booze when it's time to get your game on. More »

Can You Fathom Video Games and Movies Living in Harmony?

Movies and video games have a sordid history, but artist Joe Russ is looking to change that with "FATHOMS".
"FATHOMS" aims to combine the best of video games and movies in its visual style to tell the story of Evan, Sam and their rescued cat Hippo. More »

Sony Confirms 'PSN Pass' Program, Required for Resistance 3's Online Modes

Sony will bring single-use registration codes that grant access to online modes to the PlayStation 3 later this year in the form of the unofficially named "PSN Pass," the company confirmed today.
As rumored, starting with Insomniac Games' Resistance 3, PS3 owners will need to buy online-enabled... More »

Canabalt, Sword & Adventure Time!

What happens when the creators of Sword & Sworcery meets the man behind Adventure Time? Green screen insanity, Canabalt high scores and
Austin independent game collective, Juegos Rancheros hosted a talk with Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward and Superbrothers: More »

Take Pity on a Newbie Today

Last night on the way back to my apartment in New York's Lower East Side, I saw a crowd of men standing around two motorcycles. I'm a fledgling rider myself, as well as newly returned to the city. More »

Gun-Toting, Serial-Robber Stalks Florida Game Stores

Pembroke Pines police are on the lookout for an armed woman who robbed three GameStops in the past three days, firing shots during the last robbery.
The woman, said to be in her 20s to 30s, robbed GameStops in Miramar and Pembroke Pines On July 4 and today, police say. More »

2010's Big Piracy Busts Netted Probation, Fines, Millions in Seized Games

U.S. video game industry anti-piracy efforts last year led to more than 40 criminal cases and at least two convictions, the Entertainment Software Association reported today.
The rundown of the industry's anti-piracy efforts were reported in the association's 2010 Annual Report released this week. More »

Pro Gaming Fans Rush to Pro Gaming's Defense

Yesterday, I wrote a post tweaking 27-year-old professional gamer David "Zaccubus" Treacy for his comments in an interview with Alienware, mostly for what seemed like an attempt to blame pro gaming's lack of success in the mainstream on "cheesy" television productions. More »

Tristan is convinced that a house on our street is haunted. No one is living in it right now and I suppose that's enough for a child's imagination. Personally, I don't believe in ghosts, but Trish does. She says she saw one when she was a child and it told her to stop running. Do you believe in ghosts? Ever seen one? –Brian Crecente

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