Sparklers | JULY 4, 1932: Elizabeth Young and Lyda Roberti celebrate the 4th with fireworks. (Photo: General Photographic Agency/Hulton Archive | Getty)

Space Station Internet Too Slow for Online Video Games Regarding life in space, everyone has three questions: How do you poop, has anyone screwed, and can you play video games up there. Alright, maybe the first two are more commonly asked, but we have an answer to the third question now.

Report: The PlayStation 4 Will Have Kinect-Style Motion Controls Next year, Nintendo is releasing a new home console, the Wii U. Taiwanese component makers tell tech site DigiTimes that Sony is readying a new home console for 2012. But that's not the interesting part.

Leon Kennedy Goes Hunting GlaDOS, Pokémon and…Klonoa? The weather's getting nicer in the Northern hemisphere, which coupled with the proximity to Comic Con means the cosplay corps are out in full force. And it's to all our benefits.

Early Gears of War 3 Code Hits Internet, Cops Investigating Games leak onto the internet all the time. Usually a week or two before they hit retail, though, and usually the finished product. Leaking months before release, though, that's a little rarer.

The One Game to Play On the Fourth of July Not being American, I have no personal affinity towards 4th of July celebrations. If I were, though, you can bet your ass I'd be spending the day playing Sid Meier's Colonization over and over and over again.

Man, I love fireworks, and I have happy memories of setting them off as a kid in Texas. Fireworks are very popular in Japan, too, and there are huge fireworks displays throughout the summer. –Brian Ashcraft

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