In a surprise twist marking my return to the site and consequent reclaiming of The Week in Gaming Apps round up, only two of this week's apps are physics puzzlers, and hey, one is not an iOS game!

Not that there's anything wrong with physics puzzlers, especially when one of them features paper-eating monsters and the other one runs on the Motorola Xoom tablet I've managed to borrow until such a time as the lovely folks I've borrowed it from remember I have it. I keep sending them baby pictures to distract them. Until the cuteness wears off, I'm your Android man, baby.


Can I call you baby? Is that too forward? I've never felt this way before. Hold me, or peruse this week's gaming apps. Your choice.

If you have a suggestion for an app for the iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone 7 that you'd like to see highlighted, let us know.

Paper Munchers Trips on the Line Between Addiction and Obligation

After one level you see clearly the inspiration for Paper Munchers. It's a physics puzzle that places a premium on completion in the fewest turns. Ergo, Angry Birds, and why not. It's the ultimate lottery winner in mobile games development. More »

When Turtles Fly

There are countless mobile games that has players try to jump or fly as high as they can. Turtle Fly does that, but there's a twist. A really interesting one. More »

Finally, a Corporation Worth Playing For

Async Corp is a silly, catchy game about work that requires the labor of both of your thumbs. You play it on the iPhone. Your pay is high scores. More »

Hex-Based Hand Holding Happiness is Key in iPhone Puzzler Joining Hands

A different brand of hex-based strategic gameplay, the slick and charming puzzler Joining Hands, is now available for your iPhone or iPad. It's a game about holding hands, a game about connecting cute creatures to achieve total happiness. More »

Incredible Machines Come To Life with Apparatus

One man's random pile of wood, pulleys, cables, and motors is another man's giant mechanical rabbit capable of projecting a marble into a tiny blue box from a mile away. That second man needs to play Apparatus, the physics building game for Android phones and tablets. More »