There's a new Gundam series, penned by Professor Layton designer Akihiro Hino. It's dubbed Gundam Age. New Gundam means new Gundam toys.

There are also pics of the in-store Gundam toy scanner, the Gage-ing Battle Base. The Gundam Age plastic models are chipped, so they can be scanned in, which produces a battle simulation.


Website Gigazine was on hand to snap photos. Some Gundam fans like the Age designs, and some hate them. You?

ガンダムAGEの大作RPGをレベルファイブが制作、ICチップ搭載ガンプラを買うと無料で遊べる店頭ゲームなどガンダムAGEの新展開いろいろまとめ [GIGAZINE]