Maybe you've been out enjoying the weather all week and didn't have time for your favorite Gawker Media sites. Or maybe you're just ready for an air-conditioned afternoon of visual entertainment. Well, whatever the case, we've got you covered. Here are some of the most amusing and entertaining videos we watched during the week that was.

Watch the Pilot's View of the Craziest Flyby Ever

The Argentinean pilots who flew that jet trainer at one meter from the ground have sent me an exclusive video in high definition from the cockpit of the plane. It's going to blow your mind. View »

Dog Pushes Cat On A Scooter

Meet Ruger, a 2-year-old Australian Cattle Dog who has a fun trick where he pushes around a scooter with a cat sitting on it. What kind of chilled out feline is totally cool in that situation? Regardless, we're impressed. View »

An Unlucky Local News Anchor's X-Rated Flub

Down in Roanoke, Virginia, WDBJ 7's Holly Pietrzak is charged with keeping residents apprised of the news. But as you'll see in this clip, Pietrzak had some X-rated trouble recently when reporting on the fact that many teens are having luck—yes, that's luck—finding summer jobs this year. View »

Here's how not to jump on your Lamborghini

So yeah, it's just some skater kids hanging out in an orange Lamborghini Gallardo. Who's the owner? It must be this gentleman who decides to demonstrate his Irish dancing skills on the back hatch. Oh Florida, you are full of stars. View »

8 Minutes of Our Hands-On Video Shows What It's Like to Play Wii U

Stephen Totilo takes you on a whirlwind tour of Nintendo's latest play for the living room, the touchscreen-and-motion-control Wii U. View »

Here's Aaron Rome's Brutal Hit On Nathan Horton

Someone may kill someone in Boston tonight. Consider yourself warned. View »

Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph Cry With Laughter In French Interview About Flatulence

See a straight-forward interview dissolve into a fit of the giggles when a classy French interviewer tells Kristen and Maya that he believes there are "never enough farts" in movies. The ladies crack each other up (and make gas-passing sound effects) as they brainstorm their next movie idea, The Homeless Fart. View »

Khloe Kardashian Shows Nipple on Fox & Friends

Khloe Kardashian wore a transparent top and no bra on Fox & Friends today, and sat there chatting with the hosts for two minutes straight, with her right nipple exposed. Did the censors not notice it? Do nipples not count when they're behind sheer fabric? View »

Watching the Clouds Go By in Spectacular Fashion

Australian cinematographer Murray Fredericks brings you this time-lapse, showcasing the lives of thunderclouds as they pass majestically overhead. It's like watching mountains grown out of wisps of white smoke. View »

Watch biker prove futility of NYC bike laws by crashing over-and-over again

After getting a $50 ticket for not riding his bike in the painted "bike lane," this militant bicyclist went out of his way to crash into every obstacle placed in the way of New York City's bicyclists. View »

Milwaukee's Nyjer Morgan Provides The Post-Game Interview Of The Season

Nyjer Morgan, the most glorious weirdo in Major League Baseball, put the Mets away with a walk-off double in the bottom of the ninth in Milwaukee last night. In his post-game interview with Fox Sports Wisconsin, Prince Fielder provided Morgan with a Gatorade bath, which this time around consisted entirely of Gatorade. View »

Here, Thirteen Minutes of Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Footage

Mercifully after the week we've had, this extensive gameplay demonstration of Modern Warfare doesn't need the chit-chat of announcers to kick things off. It's just straight into the gunplay. View »

Movie Theater Turns Customer's Angry Voicemail Into Anti-Texting PSA

There's nothing worse than being interrupted by an annoying cell phone user while trying to enjoy a movie. That's why the Alamo Drafthouse, an eat-and-drink theater in Austin, Texas, recently booted a young woman for texting during a movie. Following the ejection, she left the theater an angry, obscenity-laced voicemail. View »

The Self-Proclaimed "Most Epic Beer Commercial Ever" Is Probably the Most Epic Beer Commercial Ever

I don't know if this is the most epic beer commercial ever, but it's the nerdiest for sure. I was sold right when the Knight Rider soundtrack kicked in but, by the time Bruce Lee appeared, I was dying for a pint. View »

Katy Perry Is A Thespian

Meet Kathy Beth Terry, an 8th grader with zero friends, braces, and happens to be smack dab in the middle of her awkward stage. View »

U.S. pilots do crazy flybys too

Perhaps not wanting to be left out of the good times being displayed by their Argentinean counterparts, someone just uploaded a compilation video of US Air Force pilots purportedly in Afghanistan and Iraq trying some close shaves of their own. DUCK! View »

Security Cameras Catch World's Drunkest Guy

You don't usually remember the stumbles you take when drunk—in fact, usually, you have to reconstruct them the next day, based on a makeshift forensic analysis of cuts and bruises. But thanks to London's commitment to violating basic privacy rights through the use of an extensive network of security cameras, this as-yet unidentified gentleman shouldn't have a problem figuring out how, exactly, he got that huge gash on his head. View »

Far Better Than This Goalie Scoring Is The Suspiciously Laid-Back Commentary That Accompanies His Goal

Goalies don't often score, especially not from the hinterlands behind the halfway line. But when they do, they should all be so lucky as to have two exceedingly mellow West Indian commentators celebrate their exploits. View »

Watch a Very Intense Man Playing Kinect Star Wars

The man demonstrating Kinect Star Wars live on stage at Microsoft's 2011 E3 press conference seems to be in danger of being swayed by the dark side. I sense much fear in him. View »

Watch This Maniacal Flight Down a Mountain

Peep these two utterly ace wingsuit pilots, Reiner Ebert and Ludovic Woerth, hit more than 150mph as they step off a mountain and scream through the air above the Swiss Alps. View »

Now Korea Has A Susan Boyle

Korea's Got Talent has unearthed a new Susan Boyle-type gem, and he might be even more inspirational than Boyle herself. 22-year-old Sung-bong Choi is a manual worker with no family or home to his name. His life entire has been a struggle — hopefully, until now. View »

Bill Maher and Jane Lynch Give Dramatic Reading of Weiner's Dirty Facebook Messages

After confessing on Monday that he tweeted a picture of his penis, Anthony Weiner's online dirty laundry quickly piled up. And on tonight's Real Time, Bill Maher and Jane Lynch gave one such piece of it—Weiner's X-rated Facebook exchanges with Vegas blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss—the dramatic reading it deserved. View »

Watch NASCAR magician's Camaro stunt go horribly wrong

An Atlanta magician who calls himself "The Great Moodini" was ready to entertain the crowds at Atlanta Motor Speedway last week with his stunt of escaping from shackles chained to a moving car. The car moved — and so did he. View »

441 Perfectly Sphere Water Droplets Aligned to a Grid

I don't know what sort of machine is capable of spitting out perfect little orbs of water droplets but this one can. The machine oozes out water in a 21x21 grid and the individual balls just sticks to the surface. View »

Stephen Colbert Tries to Validate Sarah Palin's Version of Paul Revere's Midnight Ride

On tonight's Report, Colbert did his best to back up Palin's much-maligned explanation of Paul Revere's midnight ride. Then he took things a step further and attempted to physically reenact the version of Revere's ride that Palin is still somehow defending. View »