War rode proud and strong through the battle between good and evil in the original Darksiders, but he's only one of four apocalyptic horsepersons of interest. War, Famine, and Pestilence take the bench as Death saddles up his pale horse for Darksiders II.

Vigil's resident comic book legend Joe Madureira shows off his stunning interpretation of Death on the July cover of Game Informer magazine. The most inevitable of horsemen is dual-wielding scythes and sporting a rather Splatterhouse-esque mask, prepared to pose for any heavy metal album cover photo shoots he might happen to pass in his travels.

With War taking a little break, it's up to Death to find a way to restore humanity in the midst of the war between heaven and hell, which sounds ironic until you realize a general lack of living things puts him right out of a job he's held for ages. Downsizing is a real bitch when you're the otherworldly personification of a biological process.


For more on Darksiders II check out the July issue of Game Informer, or just wait until E3 next week when we see it for ourselves.

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