For each of the last two years I've checked the E3 promises of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. Sure, they make June/July tradition of telling us exciting things that will surely, definitely happen with the PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, 3DS, PSP and Wii.

But do their E3 promises of one year turn out to be true?

Mostly, but not always. Not if you're the chump still waiting for a hot new Resident Evil on the PSP or holding your breath for the Xbox Live Primetime line-up or hoping for other hot E3 promises of yore. (Were you someone who was sure that "it's safe to say it will generate a lot of smiles—new smiles—in a whole new way", and did you think that "it" = Wii Music?)

All E3 promises don't come true. Plans change. Hype deflates. Somewhere in the Pacific a butterfly flaps its wings. And then, as if Kotaku tradition, we show up a year later to nag about which promises didn't come true.

In previous years, I checked Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft's promises. This year, I sent our interns after them:

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(Top photo: Chris Weeks | AP)