Between the Kinect, the Wii and the Xbox, modern controllers can pretty much accomplish any task a gamer sets their sights on—but don't you sometimes miss the way a certain old school system handled? Do you ever wish they'd re-release the Power Glove, long for the familiar grey, black and red boxiness of the original NES controller, or think you could finally beat your Space Invaders score, if only you had your old joystick?

Inspired by the mob power that brought back two fan-favorite Mountain Dew flavors, MOUNTAIN DEW PITCH BLACK® and MOUNTAIN DEW SUPERNOVA® (also known as being brought "Back By Popular DEWmand"), we've opened up the comments for you to tell us which classic system controller you'd insist on bringing back, if someone important were listening. So go to it—and maybe the bigwigs upstairs will hear your pleas!