Pirated | TOKYO, JAPAN: While appearing on a Japanese talkshow, Johnny Depp is given 3DS units and games for his kids. (Photo: FujiTV)

A Place for Your Bleeding Geek Heart In Japan, convenience stores, or "conbini" as they're called, dot the landscape. They're where people buy food and drink, pay bills, send letters and stand and read magazines without paying for them. Some might like Family Mart, others prefer Daily Yamazaki. I like Lawson, because more than any other corner store in Japan it panders to nerds like me and maybe like you.

The World's Meanest Shooter Series Returns for a Third Game Heavily scripted shooters that take place in glorified corridors are well and good for most, but some people like to kill things out in the open, and kill them with a single bullet. For them, there is ArmA series, and for them, a third game in the franchise is on its way.

A New Mortal Kombat Means New Mortal Kombat Toys The new Mortal Kombat game, which has been a bit of hit, has spawned this line of action figures from Jazzwares, which should be shipping later this year.

BioWare May, Gasp, Do Something Other Than Fantasy or Science Fiction Role-playing maestros BioWare, developers behind Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect and Dragon Age, are good with fantasy. They're good with science fiction. With anything else? Well, that's up for debate!

Your Face On An Action Figure? Badass Based in Tokyo geek mecca Akihabara, Clone Factory is just that: a factory that makes clones.

Micro-Bash, my 2 year-old son, was running around outside and fell down, hit his head pretty hard. Blood everywhere! Mrs. Bashcraft took him to the doctor, and he's okay, thankfully. The kid's very active, always running around, always banging something. Part of growing up, I guess! –Brian Ashcraft


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