Rapture Ready | Perhaps you've seen these billboards in your neighborhood. Word has it Judgment Day begins on Saturday; or about 12 hours if you live in New Zealand. Because the New Testament follows the International Date Line, of course. (Image via)

Welcome to Games Reviewing, Carolyn Petit. You're Doing Just Fine.

Carolyn Petit, one of Gamespot's game reviewers, is transsexual. She's just posted (what I believe to be) her first video review on the site. And she's catching a lot of nasty commentary. More »

What is America's Fetish This Week? America (Fuck Yeah!)

It all started with a middle finger. It was directed firmly at England, and for the next 200-plus years, America's desire to do things its own way hasn't changed. The country's pride hasn't either. More »

Rockstar No Longer Blaming PlayStation Firmware for Rare L.A. Noire PS3 Overheating

After sending mixed signals last night that PlayStation 3 firmware 3.61 was causing some PS3s to overheat while running L.A. Noire, Rockstar Games said today that the firmware isn't the culprit. More »

A Planet Without Square-Enix

It has come to my attention that we might, within a few short years, find ourselves living on a planet devoid of Square-Enix. Square-Enix, for those who don't know, is a suit-wearing organization whose members enjoy excellent health benefits in addition to an opportunity to get paid to do things that, as God as their witness, they'd be doing anyway.More »

MetalStorm Online Brings Exhilarating Two-Minute Bathroom Dogfights to Life

As you may have worked out, I'm having a bit of a problem with MetalStorm Online, Z2Live's online aerial combat game for the iPhone. I can't stop playing it, and I can't seem to get it through my head that the leaning from side to side, forward and back, isn't actually helping me maneuver. The responsive tilt controls work quite well on their own. I'm just getting caught up in the action. More »

Report: PlayStation Store Reopens May 24, Quickly Flooded with New Content

Sony's PlayStation Store has been offline for almost a month following an attack on the company's PlayStation Network, leaving PlayStation developers without a digital storefront to sell their wares. That should changes next week, according to new memo from Sony. More »

If you believe Judgment Day is happening Saturday, that's your business, but you need therapy. And I say that as someone who has the same amount of respect for all faiths. –Owen Good

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