Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Quintin Smith recently got a chance to play ten hours' worth of Eidos Montreal's latest cyberpunk thriller, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Rather than exhaustively regurgitating every minute, instead he shares the thoughts playing the game put into his head. Thoughts like, "I am SUCH a badass. Watch this!"

Oh admit it, you've had similar thoughts while playing through your favorite game. I know I have. So what if that game was Pokémon Black, it still counts.

It just counts even more in the case of Deus Ex 3.

Crucially, you never feel weak. In the first Deus Ex, if you were a sneaky type and got caught, or you were a murderous type and took a lot of damage in a fight, there was a sense of failure. Human Revolution gives the sneaky guy tools to correct being located from his very first mission (punching that enemy who just walked into your hiding spot, or activating your camoflage to make your escape), and by swapping numerical health for regenerating health, the murderous type can no longer make mistakes. Now, it's just a fantastic ride.

See? It's the thinking man's Deus Ex 3 preview. The thoughts might not be particularly deep ("These cutscenes are making me want to take my keyboard and smash my monitor like a piñata"), but whose thoughts are when they're enjoying an eagerly anticipated title?


Hit up the link to read Quintin's thoughts on the preview's characters ("Wow, I actually care about these people"), settings ("Seriously? I have to break into another industrial estate?"), final boss fight ("Seriously?"), and more.

Ten Things You'll Think Playing Deus Ex 3 [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]