The next big Rockstar Games release may be hopping on the "online pass" bandwagon, with word of the "L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass" coming from Microsoft today. The 800 Microsoft Point purchase gets you... well, we're not quite sure just yet.

The latest Xbox LIVE Newsbeat e-mail newsletter pegs the release of the "L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass" for May 17, the same day L.A. Noire hits the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. That ten dollar add-on will "take your 'L.A. Noire' experience to the next level" according to Microsoft. Not very descriptive.

If I was guessing though, it might provide access to some or all of those retailer specific pre-order goodies—detective cases, outfits, weapons—or a stream of post-launch downloadable episodes. Rockstar promised just recently that we wouldn't have to wait for much of that content to be made available to L.A. Noire buyers who aren't fans of retailer pre-order exclusives.

One thing's for sure, Rockstar Games wants you to buy Team Bondi's L.A. Noire new or pay an extra fee to get that digitally delivered content. EA's doing it. THQ's doing it. Warner Bros. is doing it. Soon, every publisher will do it.


Kotaku has reached out to Rockstar for comment on the "L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass." We'll let you know what they have to say.