PARTY OUTFITS | TOKYO, JAPAN: Japanese figure maker celebrates its tenth anniversary with girls wearing inflatable clothes. As one would. (Photo by Moeyo)

The Kid Who Trained with the Masters of Nintendo During a Gaming Golden Age It was the hot, sticky summer 1990. Japan's bubble economy, the period of rapid growth during the 1980s, would be over in a year, but Japanese gaming showed no signs of ending its dominance.

Giving a Classic Board Game the Love It Deserves HeroQuest, an "entry-level" Warhammer game first released in 1989, was at the time a fairly primitive affair, limited to a board, some cards and the player pieces. So Damien Thévenin has spent a few years fixing the game up a little.

Nothing Says Mario Like $465 Latex Those blue overalls. The red shirt. All in latex. The only thing that's missing is a rear-front crotch zip. Oh, Etsy seller Shhhcouture will add that, too, for only US$14!

U.S. Congress Questioning Sony over PSN Attacks In addition to the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and 22 state attorneys general, Sony is now being questioned by a House of Representatives subcommittee in relation to the attacks which have left the PlayStation Network down for over a week.

The Father Of Video Games Fled The Nazis, Fought Them Then Took All Their Guns Ralph Baer is widely acknowledged to be the "father of video games", thanks to his work in the 1960's pioneering the device that would become the Magnavox Odyssey, the world's first ever video game console.

So I went and made pottery in Shiga on Friday. I'd never made pottery before. It was actually very relaxing and a ton of fun. I had no idea. –Brian Ashcraft

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