Throughout Thor's illustrious career, his powers have been appropriated by a slew of other comic book heroes. Not all of these heroes carried his official hammer, Mjolnir, but almost all of them dressed as lunatics while imitating the Thunder God.

10.) Thor, Frog of Thunder
In the 1980s, Loki turned Thor into a frog. Even in his warty form, Thor was worthy enough to wield Mjolnir and led the frogs of Central Park against the dastardly rats. Sure, this incarnation may have been Thor proper, but he was an amphibian, adjudicating turf wars between talking animals. Fighting the Midgard Serpent this gig wasn't.

9.) Thunderstrike
During the 1990s, architect Eric Masterson briefly carried the mantle of Thor until Odin gave him his own magic mace, Thunderstrike. Incredibly, Thunderstrike's sartorial choices were even more lamentable than Thor's, what with his sleeveless jacket, ponytail, chain bracelets, and chic lightning bolt earrings.

8.) Captain America
In 1988's The Mighty Thor #390, Cap is dogpiled by baddies. All seems lost, but at the last minute, Captain America lifts Mjolnir and begins busting heads. U-S-A! U-S-A!

7.) Conan the Barbarian
We recently mentioned this in our barbarian roundup, but it's so damn macho it bears repeating. In 1983's What if Thor Battled Conan the Barbarian?, Conan wields Mjolnir after a universe-displaced Thor perishes in battle against Thoth-Amon. As part of my living will, I have stipulated that my loved ones must deliver Conan's touching eulogy at my viking funeral.

6.) Superman
In the 2003-2004 fangasm that was JLA/Avengers, Superman uses both Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer in the final battle against Krona. He was one step away from being the ultimate superhero — all Superman needed was Bruce Banner's mystical fuchsia jorts that allow him to transform into the Hulk.

5.) Wonder Woman
In the 1996 DC vs. Marvel crossover, Wonder Woman stumbles across Mjolnir after Thor loses it in a tussle against Shazam. Wonder Woman is worthy enough to wield the hammer, but relinquishes it during her duel with Storm, who promptly fries WW's ass with lightning. Stupid Amazonian ethics.

4.) Storm
Incidentally, Storm had her own ersatz Mjolnir made by Loki when the X-Men dropped by Asgard in the 1980s. Sadly, she didn't wield it long enough for the portmanteau "Thorm" to catch on.

3.) Rogue
In 1994's alternate universe one-shot What If Rogue possessed the power of Thor?, Rogue absorbs way too much of Thor's power during her first battle with the Avengers (effectively killing him), picks up Mjolnir, and murders Hawkeye, Vision, Blob, and Pyro as she comes to terms with her bootleg godhood.


Fortunately, the spirit of Thor lives in her head like some sort of Scandinavian Tony Robbins and guides her to the path of righteousness. Yes, some poor (or lucky?) Marvel Universe had a Thor that talked like Sookie Stackhouse.

2.) Beta Ray Bill
Horse-faced alien Beta Ray Bill is a champion of an alien race known as the Korbonites. Once Odin realizes that Bill is worthy enough to wield Mjolnir, he pits Thor against Bill. Bill whups Thor's towheaded tukhus. Rather than give Mjolnir solely to Bill, Odin gives him his own hammer, Stormbreaker.

1.) Deadpool
In 2000's Deadpool #37, Loki gave the Merc with a Mouth another fake hammer for the express purpose of messing with Thor. Loki's an immortal trickster god, so you can't fault him for recycling material.