Phil Fish, co-creator of upcoming indie game Fez, will be releasing his game on Xbox Live Arcade. And maybe the PC and PlayStation 3 as well. But the Wii? Um...

"Right now we're only concentrating on XBLA, which makes the most sense for us at the time", Fish tells Destructoid. "PC and PSN would also make a lot of sense, but in my opinion, WiiWare just wouldn't be worth our time and effort. It's a dismal system that I don't want to deal with neither as a customer, nor a developer. No demos? Fuck off."

Obscenties aside, the man has a point. WiiWare as a service doesn't terrify me, it just...I get the same feeling booting up the WiiWare store as I do contemplating a visit to the dentist. It's ultimately good for me, maybe, but there's so much waiting and pain involved that I just never bother.

And I'm just a consumer. If I was a developer whose livelihood depended on game sales, I'd probably feel a bit stronger about it. Like Fish does!

Exclusive: Why Fez won't be coming to WiiWare or the 3DS [Destructoid]